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Indonesian Consumers' Patronage Invention Toward Shopping Malls (Rp. 72.000,-)

Judul    : Indonesian Consumers' Patronage Invention Toward Shopping Malls
Kode    : NF-ICPITS
Kategori: non fiksi
Halaman: 182
ISBN    : 978-623-7214-73-1
Penulis  : Faruqi Ismael and Suresh Kumar, S.T., M.Si.
Harga   : Rp. 72.000,-

This monograph is expected to find out what factors that are being concerned by customers to choose a shopping mall. Based on the previous studies some variables are considered very important to determine customers’ intention to choose a shopping mall, they are perceived value, convenience orientation, trust, customer satisfaction and willingness to buy. Hence, to confirm the previous studies, quantitative method is employed with a survey as a tool to collect data. Since DKI Jakarta has the highest number of shopping malls and it is the capital city of Indonesia where many Indonesians from various races live, hence DKI Jakarta is taken as the place of study to represent Indonesia as a whole.

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