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Determinants of Saving Behavior and Financial Problem (Rp. 44.000,-)

Judul    : Determinants of Saving Behavior and Financial Problem
Kode    : NF-DoSBaFP
Kategori: Non fiksi
Halaman: 75
ISBN     : 978-623-7214-34-2
Penulis  : ELLENE, BBA and SURESH KUMAR, S.T., M.Si.
Harga   : Rp. 44.000,-

Nowadays, many Indonesian are suffering from poverty, bankruptcy, and health problem because they do not know how to face a financial problem when Indonesia is facing an economic crisis. When Indonesia is in crisis, the exchange rate falls dramatically; banking credit growth also experienced a significant drop. As a result, many people's savings were lost. The forced unemployment and financial bankruptcy had drastically decreased the living conditions in Indonesia. This research aims to analyze the influence of Financial Literacy, Financial Stress, and Financial Management to Saving Behavior and Financial Problem.

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