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Purchase Intensions of Young Jakartan Women Towards Premium Cosmetics (Rp. 56.000,-)

Judul    : Purchase Intensions of Young Jakartan Women Towards Premium Cosmetics 
Kode    : NF-PIoYJWTPC
Kategori: non fiksi
Halaman: 118
ISBN     : 978-623-7214-35-9
Harga   : Rp. 56.000,-

The cosmetic industry is a big business. The total sales of cosmetics worldwide in 2011 were about USD 426 billion. For the past 20 years, on average, cosmetic market has grown by 4.5% annually. In Indonesia, the sales of cosmetics have increased by 15% with the ascension from IDR 8.5 trillion in 2011 become IDR 9.76 trillion in 2012. The condition of a cosmetic brand in terms of rank is always changing year by year. So, a cosmetic firm must know more what aspects that impact its customer that makes its customer decide to purchase the product and could make their customer repurchase the product. This research was conducted to observe the Purchase Intentions of Young Jakartan Women towards Premium Cosmetics. 

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